Special Love For A Special Child

Mohd Affandi Ramli, also known as Ronasina and his wife Raja Rohaisham can be described as special and dedicated parents. They live in Kajang.

Their two daughters, An-Nisa (who died on December 22, 2011) and An-Nisa (13 years) suffered from Cerebral Palsy, a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood where signs and symptoms vary between people (Wikipedia).

Ronasina, who was a secondary school teacher, had to apply for an early retirement to focus on taking care of An-Nur while Raja Rohaisham runs a small business in Kajang. His application has recently been approved by the Ministry Of Education. Ronasina is in his early 40s.

Taking care of An-Nur requires a lot of energy to move and carry her besides taking her to treatment appointments every week. This is the main reason why the decision for early retirement is made.

This photo essay is mainly to show that despite the ups and downs including the lack of facilities for bedridden disabled children like An-Nur, Ronasina and his wife give their full heart, love and energy in raising their only living child. Shame, tired and give up have never came across their minds as they accepted An-Nisa and An-Nur as the blessing from God. Ronasina and Raja Rohaisham  determined to continuously to fight for An-Nur’s right to get education until their dream to see a fully aided school for children with Cerebral Palsy in Malaysia comes true.

The Malaysian Insider’s photographer, Nazir Sufari recently spent times with Ronasina and his family to follow closely how dedicated he and his wife in raising An-Nur. Special people like them need special support from us.

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